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WordPress is developed using PHP as a programming language and supports MySQL for database. It also supports multiple file formats and nine different languages (but not Russian, which seems odd for an app named after the KGB).

WordPress is developed using PHP as a programming language and supports MySQL for database. It also supports multiple file formats and nine different languages (but not Russian, which seems odd for an app named after the KGB). This is great plugin which compresses your pages in gzip format, if the browser supports compressed pages. There is a simple setting in WordPress that you can change so that comments are split into separate pages rather than one big long list. While your pages may look great, you won’t be able to recreate the same level of the page builder demo pages (unless you invest in a designer or a photographer, like the demo creators most likely did!). If you look at your Pingdom waterfall chart, you’ll also see plugin files as a big culprit. If you are looking to build a simple and straightforward blog site, then it may be better to look for a more simple solution other than Joomla such as WordPress. But there’s no need because it’s so simple. Joomla is too complex and heavy for such a simple purpose.

Others prefer to use Joomla because of the expansive number of extensions that are available. It’s free and easy to use. Some plug-ins and extensions are free but not all of it. If you’ve had experienced creating a website or is planning to create one, then chances are high that you have utilized or heard of a content management system before. And when it comes to a content management system, one of the most popular and also widely used is Joomla. Websites that are built using Joomla are not SEO friend from the get-go and may require some extensive optimization. Surprisingly, Yoast SEO had the worst effect out of those tested! I was shocked to find out that 87% of the page load time of one of my sites was due to plugins! As far as I know, all hosting sites give you your money back for any unused time. Yes, your dear hosting company with excellent support was actually betraying you with that 600-700ms. So it’s time to ditch them. Website Support Whenever You Need it. Next, you need to find the handle for each script.

Some studies show that people don’t like to read a lot.

This opens the script on the left side, the tools on the right can be used to control the flow. See circled items at chart on left. Premium version of the plugin also can delete the unused values in the tables that are left from deleted plugins and themes. On the other front some WordPress themes appear really marvelous but could make the loading speed of your website a bit slow. Make sure images are not bigger than they have to be. Images from digital cameras are often 5000 pixels wide and 2MB to 5MB in size. These tips are for coders and non-coders alike, so anybody can use them to improve website performance. If you host your website with cpanel, enable gzip from panel or you can use plugin like Check and Enable GZIP compression, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache or WPRocket. Some studies show that people don’t like to read a lot. WordPress has been common and used by many people so it has a good reputation. Anything below 250ms is good and acceptable.

  • Beauty, massage, and healthcare establishments
  • Automatic cleanup of all the integrated options (also uses retention if enabled)
  • Client-side caching with double caching on the client-side browser
  • Use CDN
  • Update Content Regularly

If your clients aren’t local, you can still build good relationships with them by a phone call or a Skype or Facetime session. Just in case you want your website to stay on the good side of these critics, you can check this short list to get an idea of what’s hot and what’s not for this year. It is true that WordPress compresses images in many cases, there are cases where this isn’t the case. Images are great for adding a visual aspect to your content to improve page times. This will force all the images to load up only when the particular part of a webpage is being scrolled. Poorly coded themes can slow your dashboard as well as your website, as well as being a security risk. But despite its many benefits, Joomla is far from being perfect. As you can see, Joomla is a CMS that has its flaws, just like any other types. I’m not going to go into the details like “What is Caching? We’re going to use GTmetrix again to test it. I’m going to give you some clear guidance on this issue as well. Yes, this is an everyday mistake as well.

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In my case, it was a whopping 60 database calls! Among other things, P3 Performance Profiler tells you how many database calls your site makes. If you don’t believe me, check out a plugin called P3 Performance Profiler (made by GoDaddy, but it’s good, believe me). But, if you don’t realize the downside to plugins, it’s easy to go overboard. But, deactivate as much as you can. Plugins are great. It seems like almost anything you want to do with a WordPress site can be done with a plugin that someone has already written. One might ask: “If this is such a great feature, why doesn’t WordPress enable it by default”? So why is this last if you should do it first? There are more than 43000 plugins (check out our Why You Should Use WordPress? post) providing lots of different functions. You might have software on your Netbook that you never use. It loves the ease and simplicity that the software offers the web spiders.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is something many people do not realize they need for online work or advertising. For example, blog posts rarely need to use full-size images since they can easily overpower the text and make it harder to read. Search engine optimization (SEO) is something many people do …