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The asynchronous or deferred load of JS and CSS files allows you to make a call to the files in a parallel way, as long as these files are not needed immediately to get your site loaded.

The asynchronous or deferred load of JS and CSS files allows you to make a call to the files in a parallel way, as long as these files are not needed immediately to get your site loaded. Once again question is arrives, which CMS and development Platform are preferred by Google. Some CMS even require the users to possess web development knowledge for basic usage which to me, is pointless. Paired with the framework is the Blueprint CSS cheat sheet to help shorten development time. Not only can WordPress help you to set up blogs it is also a powerful system for a general website setup with the help of a good WordPress template. 2. Set up your website. Gzip in Varnish – Set to Gzip, deflate or remove entirely in Varnish. Enabling Gzip compression in NGNIX – Enabling Gzip compression in NGNIX. Configure Varnish 3 Cache with NGNIX for WooCommerce Speed – Varnish is one of the best WooCommerce caching solutions I have tried. NGNIX Modules – Forked community NGNIX modules.

Like I always recommend, go visit some community like WebHostingTalk that’s filled with Web Hosting enthusiasts. That’s exactly what Ezoic is trying to help with. This handy plugin loads fast, it’s extremely easy to use, it features a variety of different SEO tools, and it features a built-in Content Analysis function to help you write SEO-friendly content. If your site loads s-l-o-w-l-y visitors are less likely to stick around and read your blog or find out more about your products or services. Since there are so many variables related to performance and every tool measures things differently, it would be unfair to paint this as a negative for Kinsta. We built each web performance optimization component to work in harmony with each another. Save Time: Pegasaas is the only plugin available that does include 20 different web optimization tools all working in harmony together. WordPress blogger can do well with what’s inside the WordPress blog, but using separate tools for certain tasks is essential in order to staying productive and getting stuff done.

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We include all the tools and resources you will need to optimize the speed and performance of your website. Having an entire operating system all to yourself is really powerful, but before you can do anything useful you need to access the VM. WordPress, being the most popular blogging system for the last few years, has always put their focus on the usability of their software. Cropping is a simple way to resize your images even further and to narrow focus on the elements you want to highlight. Joomla plugins are also more complete when compare to WordPress as the latter focus on simplicity most of the time. There are a few ways to address the image issue. Notable features of the plugin would be the ability to preserve copyright metadata, creation data, GPS location, bulk optimization for existing image files. This way we’re only storing the actual output in our transient, no posts, no metadata, no terms, and most importantly no database passwords. This means that a static HTML file will be delivered whenever possible to provide users with the response data that would otherwise involve the resource intensive process of using the WP core, plugins, and database.

Domain registration requires a significant thought process that suggests a catchy but to-the-point name of your blog. In WordPress, rendering or fetching a page (or post or custom post type) requires back and forth queries to be sent to and from the database. Caches store data that can be reused for multiple users, instead of having the site reload data from the database every time a visitor makes a request. WordPress is notorious for “database bloat”, in particular the “wp-options” table. WordPress Performance – Breaking It Down by HTTP Requests – WordPress can be a tricky beast as they say when it comes to web performance. No matter your budget, you can find an option that meets your needs without breaking the bank. If you do any research on this topic you’ll find blog post after blog post singing the rapturous praises of a plugin — yes, the irony is thick here — called P3, or Plugin Performance Profiler.

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It includes a hassle-free installation with zero understanding of web performance optimization required. A very useful feature allows you to create a password for a given directory; you could, for example, create another password for /administrator folder in your Joomla installation. Hence, if you want more control and other functions for your CMS, choose Joomla. After using so many CMS, I would go for WordPress CMS if I want something fast and responsive. This WP plugin checks all URLs on your WordPress blog and gives you a complete report of the broken and redirected links. Plugins Garbage Collector is a WordPress plugin that will clean up the junk tables left when you delete plugins. WordPress Cache Enabler Plugin – The WordPress Cache Enabler plugin is a lightweight caching plugin that creates static HTML files and stores them on your web server. If like me you run Plesk, you probably already have some vhost configuration files all over.

An events Calendar Pro is a vital tool offered as part of this theme’s arsenal.

I have already shown how to Cache AJAX requests with Varnish to bypass PHP and MySQL for AJAX processing by storing the cache in Varnish. Like other Varnish Cache terms it is not self-explanatory and in order to understand what it is you’ll need to understand some of the mechanics of the caching. But these links will need to be quality links to make any difference in improving your search engine rankings. Moreover, you will even get more than 4 columns to arrange posts and live events. An events Calendar Pro is a vital tool offered as part of this theme’s arsenal. I would like to stress that Search Engines is an important part of your overall marketing strategy of your business. Speed is the key factor when we are considering to start any web business hence the CMS must be easy to use and the learning time should be as short as possible.

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Bootstrap comes equipped with many elements that are being considered the future of design itself. Remember, when it comes to page loading, milliseconds matter! Here are the results from page speed tool. There are only 2 CMS I would use if I am going for more functions, they are WordPress and Joomla. After using Joomla for several years, you can find almost any plug-ins you want for Joomla. WordPress has quite a handful of additional plug-ins. Beyond the simple steps of removing unnecessary plug-ins and themes, modest changes to your site can help you improve performance. These tips will will also make your site faster. In this case, we will see the status of Digital Search Group’s site. Troubleshooting slow page speed on your WordPress site – If you think that your wordpress pages are loading slowly, it is time to do some troubleshooting to improve the page speed. However, some sites are more CPU intensive, relying heavily on databases and PHP. Imagify is one of the more powerful WordPress image optimizers available on the web. Install fantastic WordPress optimization plugins like WP-Optimize or WP-DB Manager.

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We be sure that your server compression settings are tuned for max efficiency. Manually controlling your files with basic applications like Microsoft Paint is initially value efficient, but time-consuming and the results are dubious. This plugin removes question strings from the static CSS and JavaScript information from the header. We …

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