MaxCDN, in particular, offers some really amazing features like extra control and added security measures, API, analytics, excellent support, easy installation and smart pricing options.

MaxCDN, in particular, offers some really amazing features like extra control and added security measures, API, analytics, excellent support, easy installation and smart pricing options. When you build a WordPress site you know there are going to be weekly security updates to the WordPress platform itself, to themes and to plugins. There are several plugins available to do this; for example, W3 Total Cache (mentioned above) is capable of minification in addition to caching. W3 Total Cache is completely free and it provides the majority of caching plugins you’ll need to keep your site fast and highly-optimized. WP e-commerce: This free WordPress e-commerce plug-in provides multiple options for creating an e-store with WordPress. WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform for any website. Part two of looking at website optimization concerns speed: How fast does your site load? Install fantastic WordPress optimization plugins like WP-Optimize or WP-DB Manager. It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and certainly one of the most downloaded.

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This helpful little plugin will not only remove all the unwanted white spaces in your coding but will also combine the related CSS and JavaScript files into one file, thereby reducing its size and loading time. Caching is nothing but temporarily storing away information and content, including HTML pages, images, web objects, CSS and JavaScript files etc, so that they are easily accessible to the users. Both Clickbank and Paydotcom are similar. If your website conversions are low, despite receiving a good amount of traffic, it’s probably an indication of how slow your website’s loading time is or maybe there is another issue. It is a must-have, regardless of the website you run. Caching plays a vital role in determining how fast your website loads. Hence, it is highly essential that your WordPress website loads and performs faster than your competitors. The plugin then switches to either the primary WordPress theme or loads a mobile theme. Best part, you could visit MyThemeShop or Thrive Themes or StudioPress Themes and choose from a huge number of superlative WordPress themes for your website!

Your WordPress database stores everything you need for your website – plus many things you don’t need. If your WordPress installation is using MyISAM database tables, it is trivial to optimize and repair them via phpMyAdmin or similar tools. The speed of your WordPress website is directly responsible for determining its performance, in terms of attracting visitors and keeping them interested for the longest time. If you have no idea about XML or how to make the sitemap, you can use online sitemap generators to create your website sitemap with ease. It can even show different home pages for different mobile devices. First and foremost, the Meta description is a short summary sentence that appears in the search result pages under the Page Title. A ‘nofollow‘ link is exactly what it sounds – it instructs the search engine robots not to follow it back to its source. Drupal are even starting to bring back the fun to developing compelling, revenue generating websites. Config.php file is pumped back to a host ( when prompted to “replace file ” answer “Yes “).

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It can allow you to ban users, detect file changes, and allow users to request permission to files. With the help of best SEO practices, you can optimize the content of your WordPress site for popular search engines. These local directories have a distinct place in search engine result pages and thus improve to get recognised easily for local enquiries. The speed of your WordPress website will also affect its ranking on search engines, further diminishing your chances of attracting more visitors and generating good conversions. CSS Sprites help in reducing the number of HTTP requests for the images that are referenced on your website. They are immensely helpful in enhancing the speed of a website, as they combine and merge images into one single file, which arranges them in a grid. Ironically, you can use a special plugin called P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler), which analyses all the plugins on your website, measures their performances and tells you which plugin may be affecting your site’s loading time. While they certainly work wonders in improving the overall performance and practicality of the website, too many plugins also cause a reduction in its speed and in many cases, even cause it to crash.

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It is specially designed to give a smooth, hassle-free user experience by improving the server performance to a great extent. This will greatly reduce the loading time of your website and provide a better user experience. The experience is smooth with fluid animations and easy scrolling. There are a number of WordPress plugins that are adept at ensuring proper browser caching, like WP Rocket, Hyper Cache Extended, WP Super Cache, etc, but it’s W3 Total Cache Plugin that is very commonly preferred and used. Content Delivery Networks are very commonly used over the internet today, in order to deliver the highest quality content to the users. It provides instant analytic feedback on your content so you’ll quickly discover if keyword placement follows best practices, images are properly tagged, and your posts have a favorable readability rating. It can go as high as 60% if you are writing on popular topics, like beauty and fitness, sports, tech, and many more.

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Most websites — even those built in WordPress — come packed with layers upon layers of points. This can be executed in a short time because you don’t even have to use a plugin for that – WordPress acquired you coated, but maybe you don’t even find out about it. …