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Once it gets a response, the CDN sends the dynamic content and all static resources to the visitor. It then sends the request to your site, such that any necessary dynamic content is generated.

Once it gets a response, the CDN sends the dynamic content and all static resources to the visitor. It then sends the request to your site, such that any necessary dynamic content is generated. If you are new to WordPress and are not quite sure how to get started, then check out our step by step guide on how to start a WordPress blog. Before you start working on the optimization, you can quickly check your site for speed and performance. As we’ve seen in this article, setting up a CDN can start from the very cheap price of free! Let’s see an updated version of the previous diagram, this time we see how the loading time is affected if we use the services of a CDN such as Incapsula CDN, one of the largest players in the CDN industry. Conversion Rates: Based on reliable stats of Kissmetrics, almost 40% of the visitors lose their patience and leave a site if the website’s loading time takes even a little longer than usual. Unoptimized images can, in fact, hurt your site in many ways; from affecting the way visitors think of you to the speed of your website and SEO rankings.

How do you speed up WordPress? W3 Total Cache is a popular plugin that has performed well for thousands of WordPress users. Nevertheless, when running a speed test on the custom grid demo page the page clearly holds up fairly well considering the number of images and their respective quality. Normally, I recommend lossless compression for photographs or other images where quality is of utmost performance. This can be done by enabling Gzip or Deflate compression on your server. 2. Can you troubleshoot WordPress issues on your own or you need help with them? It gives you the extra customization features and options while giving you the peace of mind that support is available should you need it. Extra spaces in your stylesheets increase file size. Ensure consistency in CSS and HTML code with the following techniques: – Consistent casing – mostly lowercase. Have a look the following diagram, which shows the geographical distribution of caching servers around the world – making it possible to always serve content from a location which is physically close to your visitor. Even though Internet speeds have dramatically increased over the years, it’s vital that you take care of pictures on your blog. The changes in website development have been slow and sometimes frustrating, but they all lead to an Internet that loads more quickly, looks more beautiful and works more fluidly on every device.

  • Yoast SEO. A neat little plugin that helps you better optimize your site for SEO purposes
  • Tag based
  • Physical size of the site, generally due to images
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It’s been a long time since images were something too big to load over the Internet. Crossing over into Plugins domain – Sometimes WordPress themes can cross over into plugins domain, offering functionality that they are not supposed to offer. Here is our list of 43 beautiful free WordPress blog themes to help you get started. Unlike free themes, premium WordPress themes are available for purchase from numerous third-party WordPress theme shops and marketplaces. Premium WordPress themes come with regular updates and support. The two well-respected premium WordPress theme shops that we recommend are: StudioPress and Themify. Not all premium themes are perfect. We hope this article helped you learn how to choose between free vs premium WordPress themes. How to find premium themes that are really as good as promised? Mainly because these themes don’t have to go through a strict review process. Because there’s a cost associated to premium themes, they’re less frequently used when compared to free themes. This reduces the problem of distance and makes a website much faster to load compared to if a website was not using a CDN.

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Just like we discussed at the beginning of this article, a CDN service is designed to shorten the distance that content has to travel to reach the visitors of a website. This removes a lot of load from your hosting server – making your website load faster and able to handle much more visitors simultaneously. Instead if you ask nicely or make a small donation, the developers are much more likely to add that feature in. It is now that I would like to make clear, I am still a GoDaddy customer, I have no bad will against them and already have plans for the hosting package I still have with them. There might be a more efficient way to find this, but so far I have always been able to narrow it down quickly this way without access to the server or installing anything. As you might have guessed, the solution involves a CDN, because a CDN service specifically addresses this problem.

If you have any questions about my hosting experiences or want to know more get in touch, im always happy to talk. For example, if you ordered a top Zara before then Alexa will collect information and ask you if you want to re-order. On the other hand, if you are a small business, then we will recommend you to go with a paid theme. ’s a lot newer, faster, etc. But Avada will work even on older PHP versions. We like to use GTmetrix which will even show you the exact images that are causing your site to load slower. If you still haven’t thought of that, we’re here to show you several ways of improving images in WordPress. Remember that when you are purchasing a premium WordPress theme, you are not hiring that theme shop or developer to set it up for you. Any good theme shop should have a good support system, documentation, and help available for you to set up your theme. 2. I have no affiliation to any hosting company and am not paid or influenced to write this in a certain light for any company for any personal gain, once more I iterate this is purely my opinion and experience.

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